Saturday, September 6, 2008

O where art thou are the nice cupcakes?

So the girls and I decided to go to this really nice cafe which we all love the different kinds of cupcakes they have.

It's Paisley and Cream located at Central @ Clarke Quay. We really like this cafe because the interior is nicely decorated in a chic french style with pictures of Audrey Hepburn lining against the wall and the last time we tried the cupcakes, they were moist and 75% satisfying.

BUT not this time...we went a couple of weeks ago and the cupcake turned out dry, too crumbly and I have to say a little bland too.

We ordered our all time favourite the Toberone Cupcake and a classic vanilla cupcake. However, both were dry and like I said, didnt taste as good as we remembered.

Props goes to presentation though....

What I think:

Paisley & Cream cupcakes - 6/10

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