Monday, December 8, 2008


I smelt the aroma of sambal from the living room so I slowly pranced into the kitchen and to my delight! Mum was cooking Sambal Prawns. My fav dish of all. I could eat prawns everyday esp sambal prawns!

It's usually the most simple of dishes that taste the best.

Shortbread anyone?

So I was gonna meet a bunch of my friends one night and decided to kill time in the afternoon by baking Cranberry Shortbread for them.

It turned out sweet tasting and super duper buttery....I mean shortbreads are meant to be buttery after all. My fav shortbreads are those from Walkers or Marks and Spencers. But I hardly eat shortbreads actually....maybe twice a year or so. I don't usually buy them, I prefer to indulge in cakes and breads :)

Anyway, so I packed them in individual mini bags (from Daiso - cute!) and off I went to spread the love.

With Christmas around the period, I need to get started on baking more stuff for my friends....I should start finding some "Christmassy" recipes :) hmm...or I could always make my brownies for them, Becky lurves my brownies....but I havent made them in a long long long time!

What is your ultimate dessert for Christmas? I have tons! But I guess if I must choose, it would be my mum's or aunty audrey's trifle :) I know I would get to taste that only on Christmas Day!