Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to basics

It's been a while since I posted anything but here you go....

I'm lazy to type but this OLD FASHIONED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE can make anyone's day.

It certainly made mine :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A bunch of lonely apples - lonely no more!

So I had a bunch of red shiny apples in my fridge and nobody in the family except me seem to be the only one eating them....and with a whole bunch left, I couldn't eat all of them so I decided to use some of them (before they all go bad) and whip up something I know my mum will love....Cinnamon Apple Muffins!

Love cinnamon....I always use more cinnamon than required in recipes. The apples add a naturally sweet taste to the muffin....very wholesome taste and the cinnamon just omphs! it up :)
I prefer those red soft apples rather then the big Fuji apples...I dont know why though. Perhaps it's the sweet taste,soft crunch and the size is just nice for me!

Anyway I'm so zonked out right now. I'm gonna sleep now and perhaps never wake up.....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Granny loves

I always try to make time for my Grand Aunt Kitty and since this whole week I am on leave due to the company's policy of "Force Common Leave", I paid her a visit at her old aged home. Aunty Kitty means alot to me. She has been with my family ever since I was born. She used to live with us but due to certain reasons, my mum decided the home was a better place for her since there is nurses' care for her there 24/7. It's a nice place...the home...but at times she gets lonely and even gets bullied by the other old people living there. I dont understand how humans (OLD somemore!!!) can be so nasty and mean.

ANYWAY, before I get more upset about that, I decided to make Old Fashioned Vanilla and Jam Cakes for her. I purposely chose this recipe because the cake is soft (she can only bite soft food) and yeah she loves sweet treats like me too. I woke up early and baked it fresh for her. The cake is moist and the vanilla flavour is filled with sweetness and inside is a dollop of raspberry jam. My mum loves it too. She said it's another winner. I think so too.

Everytime when my mum and I visit her, we always bring her out to eat....and her lunch will always ONLY consist of ice-cream. I think she is worse than me when it comes to sweets. I'm not a big fan of ice-cream but oh boy! You should see her eyes light up whenever her order of ice-cream arrives. Her favourite is of course Classic Chocolate. Who's isnt?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Oreo!

I was looking through my pantry and saw Oreo cookies which nobody wants to eat. So what a better way to make use of them and whip up a bash of Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. My sister loves cookies and cream so why not? I'm not a big fan of cookies and cream but as long as my loved ones like it, I'm willing to bake it ;)

I also got carried away with snapping. I baked it during Christmas and my mum had laid out nice tablecloths in the living room so I decided to take pictures there and got a little carried are the pictures, hope you like them!

I took this cupcake recipe from one of my fav food bloggers from "howtoeatacupcake". You can find the recipe here.

Btw, I missed out the "s" in Cookies in the pictures...I was too lazy to edit them again....but yeah you should try out the recipe. Only next time, I think I will add more Oreos in the recipe :)

This is one good cupcake I tell ya!

This FAIRY RASPBERRY cupcake is from this recipe book a friend of mine bought for me for Christmas last year...the funny thing was that I saw that Cupcake book from MPH and wanted to get it myself but didnt wanna spend the extra cash on it, little did I know that my friend got it for me as my Christmas gift! I didnt even mentioned it to him one bit about this Cupcake book which I wanted. He just knows me well enough or perhaps its some phychic thing.....ANYWAY, I wanted it mainly because of the adorable silicone tray!

Recipe called for blueberries but I only had raspberries at home so I used them instead. The cupcake turned out really moist and delish. Will post up the recipe once I have more time.

I didn't have a big piping bag with me so I had to use a small piping bag. I wanted a nice big swirl for the icing but failed...better luck next time BUT looks are deceiving, the icing was really good too! Pureed some raspberries with icing sugar and butter. And the raspberries gave it a pink colour. Sweet!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I smelt the aroma of sambal from the living room so I slowly pranced into the kitchen and to my delight! Mum was cooking Sambal Prawns. My fav dish of all. I could eat prawns everyday esp sambal prawns!

It's usually the most simple of dishes that taste the best.

Shortbread anyone?

So I was gonna meet a bunch of my friends one night and decided to kill time in the afternoon by baking Cranberry Shortbread for them.

It turned out sweet tasting and super duper buttery....I mean shortbreads are meant to be buttery after all. My fav shortbreads are those from Walkers or Marks and Spencers. But I hardly eat shortbreads actually....maybe twice a year or so. I don't usually buy them, I prefer to indulge in cakes and breads :)

Anyway, so I packed them in individual mini bags (from Daiso - cute!) and off I went to spread the love.

With Christmas around the period, I need to get started on baking more stuff for my friends....I should start finding some "Christmassy" recipes :) hmm...or I could always make my brownies for them, Becky lurves my brownies....but I havent made them in a long long long time!

What is your ultimate dessert for Christmas? I have tons! But I guess if I must choose, it would be my mum's or aunty audrey's trifle :) I know I would get to taste that only on Christmas Day!