Sunday, February 22, 2009

A bunch of lonely apples - lonely no more!

So I had a bunch of red shiny apples in my fridge and nobody in the family except me seem to be the only one eating them....and with a whole bunch left, I couldn't eat all of them so I decided to use some of them (before they all go bad) and whip up something I know my mum will love....Cinnamon Apple Muffins!

Love cinnamon....I always use more cinnamon than required in recipes. The apples add a naturally sweet taste to the muffin....very wholesome taste and the cinnamon just omphs! it up :)
I prefer those red soft apples rather then the big Fuji apples...I dont know why though. Perhaps it's the sweet taste,soft crunch and the size is just nice for me!

Anyway I'm so zonked out right now. I'm gonna sleep now and perhaps never wake up.....