Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cookies anyone?

I always love oatmeal...the smell of it smells like comfort food...I love oatmeal and I love berries so what a better way to satisfy my baking dilemma then to bake Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies.

It's so simple to make and it turned out soft and delicious! You can actually use any alternative dried berry instead of cranberries. I wanted to use raisins but had more cranberries at hand so I decided not to waste them and used them instead...

The cranberries add a nice sweet flavour to the cookies. I used brown sugar as well so it's more fragrant and a teeny bit "healthier" too! At first I thought the cookies will harden through time but my cookies remained soft and delicious! I read in a few places that if you want your cookies to remain soft, put a slice of bread with the cookies but make sure the bread doesnt touch the cookies. I dont know if it works but I will try it one day and let you guys know ok!

be tempted.

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