Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is one good cupcake I tell ya!

This FAIRY RASPBERRY cupcake is from this recipe book a friend of mine bought for me for Christmas last year...the funny thing was that I saw that Cupcake book from MPH and wanted to get it myself but didnt wanna spend the extra cash on it, little did I know that my friend got it for me as my Christmas gift! I didnt even mentioned it to him one bit about this Cupcake book which I wanted. He just knows me well enough or perhaps its some phychic thing.....ANYWAY, I wanted it mainly because of the adorable silicone tray!

Recipe called for blueberries but I only had raspberries at home so I used them instead. The cupcake turned out really moist and delish. Will post up the recipe once I have more time.

I didn't have a big piping bag with me so I had to use a small piping bag. I wanted a nice big swirl for the icing but failed...better luck next time BUT looks are deceiving, the icing was really good too! Pureed some raspberries with icing sugar and butter. And the raspberries gave it a pink colour. Sweet!

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