Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Oreo!

I was looking through my pantry and saw Oreo cookies which nobody wants to eat. So what a better way to make use of them and whip up a bash of Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. My sister loves cookies and cream so why not? I'm not a big fan of cookies and cream but as long as my loved ones like it, I'm willing to bake it ;)

I also got carried away with snapping. I baked it during Christmas and my mum had laid out nice tablecloths in the living room so I decided to take pictures there and got a little carried are the pictures, hope you like them!

I took this cupcake recipe from one of my fav food bloggers from "howtoeatacupcake". You can find the recipe here.

Btw, I missed out the "s" in Cookies in the pictures...I was too lazy to edit them again....but yeah you should try out the recipe. Only next time, I think I will add more Oreos in the recipe :)

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